Alkali Cleaners

This is the most popular and best accepted method of degreasing on pretreatment plants.

When used by immersion, ferrous and non ferrous substrates are immersed from times varying from five to fifteen minutes up to temperatures of 90°C over a wide range of concentrations. When used by spray the concentrations are lower and the combination of the impingement and choice of surfactant system allow the cleaner to operate at temperatures down to around 25°C on certain applications.

The choice of cleaner is critical when steel, zinc and aluminium are being processed in mixed metal production. The use of liquid alkali cleaners facilitates the use of automatic dosing equipment.

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A typical example would be Metaclean AL 101 - Alkali Cleaner
Metaclean AL 101 is a powder cleaner used by immersion for treating steel, zinc and aluminium substrates alone or in mixed metal production.