Product Range

Product NameDescription
METACLEAN AL Powder and liquid alkali cleaners for spray and immersion degreasing
METACLEAN DR Acid based materials for derusting and descaling applications
METACLEAN ED Acid cleaners for degreasing and etching of aluminium
PHOSGUARD CP Chromate solutions for treatment of aluminium and zinc substrates prior to powder coating
PHOSGUARD ZP Zinc Phosphates for treatment of steel, zinc and aluminium prior to powder coating
PHOSGUARD LW Lightweight Iron, Zirconium pretreatment processes for use prior to powder coating
PHOSGUARD LCE Lightweight Iron Phosphate process for combined degreasing, phosphating and laser cut edge removal
PHOSGUARD NC Non chromate conversion coatings for aluminium and non ferrous substrates
METPHOS CL Air drying phosphate etches for the use where conventional pretreatment plant is not available
METSOL PT A wide range of environmentally friendly materials for wipe on degreasing applications
DESOL SD Additives to supplement the cleaning of process solutions
DESOL PD Liquid and powder additives used to denature overspray paint in water wash booths
STRIPSOL PS Paint and powder coating strippers covering a wide range of applications
SEALGUARD DO Corrosion resistant finishes for use after cleaning, phosphating and stripping applications.
SEALGUARD NC Chrome free passivation treatments for phosphate coatings
METSOL LF Single stage degrease phosphate for use in vapour degreasers
METSOL SD Vapour degreasing solvents
SEALGUARD VPI Vapour Phase Inhibitors for internal part protection

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