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The unique and eco-friendly OXSILAN process is formulated to yield performance similar to a zinc-phosphate process, targeting applications with high specifications. The silane-based conversion coating system is free of phosphates
and hazardous heavy metals, thus ensures simplified waste treatment and easy maintenance as it produces almost no sludge.

OXSILAN® 9810/1 works on different metal substrates and improves paint adhesion and corrosion resistance in combination with current paint systems.

Due to the simplified process, significant cost savings can be achieved

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BC Metal Finishing

Phosphate Pretreatment Chemicals

A range of Phosguard products including manganese, zinc, zirconium and lightweight iron phosphate process which improve the corrosion resistance and adhesion when followed by paint or powder coatings.

BC Metal Finishing

Nano Treatments

These nano treatments or can we say Oxsilan replace the conventional lightweight iron and zinc phosphates. They are used on steel, zinc and aluminium substrates at room temperature and produce little or no sludge giving excellent adhesion and corrosion resistance.

BC Metal Finishing

Chrome Free Coatings

Phosguard NC 304 is a chrome free dry in place pretreatment for aluminium which can be made up in town’s water does not require post rinsing.