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Phosphate Machines

With the demise of vapour cleaning plants and the need to reduce VOCs, these machines are becoming increasingly popular with companies which do not warrant the installation of on line pretreatment plant.

These compact machines consist of a three stage cycle and are used in conjunction with phosphating and passivation solutions as follows:-

  • Stage 1: Combined Degreasing and Phosphating
  • Stage 2: Rinsing
  • Stage 3: Passivation Treatment

The phosphating process converts the surface of the metal into an adherent metal phosphate providing adhesion and protection if the surface gets scratched, therefore will not corrode as quickly.

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BC Metal Finishing

Phosphate Pretreatment Chemicals

A range of Phosguard products including manganese, zinc, zirconium and lightweight iron phosphate process which improve the corrosion resistance and adhesion when followed by paint or powder coatings.

BC Metal Finishing

Nano Treatments

These nano treatments or can we say Oxsilan replace the conventional lightweight iron and zinc phosphates. They are used on steel, zinc and aluminium substrates at room temperature and produce little or no sludge giving excellent adhesion and corrosion resistance.

BC Metal Finishing

Chrome Free Coatings

Phosguard NC 304 is a chrome free dry in place pretreatment for aluminium which can be made up in town’s water does not require post rinsing.