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Powder Coating Gun Spares

We supply a wide range of spares and parts for powder coating guns and application equipment which include nozzles, electrodes, inserts and cascades

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BC Metal Finishing

Pretreatment & Panel Wipes

We supply a range of panel wipes to cover most applications. These wipes, supplied in tubs of 400 are an excellent replacement for highly flammable solvent on rags for hand degreasing.

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BC Metal Finishing

Powder Coatings

We offer a comprehensive selection of products with an extensive range of powders being held in stock. Non stock items and specials can be made within three days. These products are shown along with the corresponding RAL, BS 381C AND BS 4800 shade cards.

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BC Metal Finishing

Pretreatment Chemicals

Based in Bolton near Manchester we supply pretreatment chemicals and powder coatings throughout the UK. We are located centrally which best serves our customers throughout the Greater Manchester, the North West, Yorkshire and the rest of the UK. So where ever you are in the UK we can full fill all your metal finishing requirements.

Our Product Range

Powder and liquid alkali cleaners for spray and immersion degreasing
Single stage degrease phosphates for use at ambient temperatures
Acid based materials for etching derus琀ng and descaling applications
A wide range of environmentally friendly materials for wipe on degreasing applications
Lightweight Iron and Zirconium Phosphates pretreatments for use prior to painting
Paint and powder coating strippers covering a wide range of applications
Zinc Phosphates prior to rust proofing and painting
Single stage low temperature degreasers for use in vapour degrease plants
Non Chromate conversion coatings for aluminium
Panel wipes and pretreatment wipes

If you are considering installing a new pretreatment plant or changing your existing system, then we will be pleased to assist with your requirement. Over a period of thirty years we have accumulated considerable expertise and knowledge of the industry so as to be able to advise on the most suitable equipment and process to meet each individual application. Whether you need be pretreatment for steel or pretreatment for aluminium we have the knowledge and products to get the job done, just contact us to discuss your requirements.

Originally the business concentrated on phosphate pretreatment chemicals establishing its business on the quality of the products supplied and the service given which the customers appreciated. Recently BCMF have formed a relationship with the largest suppliers of pretreatment chemicals in Europe enabling it to keep at the forefront of new technology.

Over recent years BCMF have diversified into other related areas with an endeavour to supply all finishing shop services and products. In effect a one stop finishing shop.This range now includes, pretreatment chemicals, phosphating chemicals, powder coatings, T wash and two pack etch primers, alloy wheel strippers, replacement powder application gun parts, box feed powder units, full reciprocator powder systems , pretreatment plant, replacements standpipes and spray nozzles, fully modulated gas burners, burn off ovens, conveyor brushes, automatic dosing equipment and dosing pumps, oven recorders, film thickness gauges, on site testing, variable speed drives/inverters, consultancy services, phosphating machines, salt spray corrosion testing, salt spray cabinets, powder hooks and analytical testing.

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Phosphating Chemicals

At BC Metal finishing we specialize in phosphating and the supply of phosphate pretreatment chemical for both ferrous and non ferrous substrates. This includes a range of processes for aluminium, some of which have Qualicoat approval. Our product range includes alkali cleaners, acid derusters, degreasing supplements, iron phosphates, zinc phosphates, zirconium phosphates, chromates, chrome free conversion coatings, T wash, two pack etch primers, metphos, passivation seals, conditioners, dewatering oils, antifoam, spray booth additives, environmentally hand wipe solvent degreasers, water based hand wipe degreasers and paint and powder strippers.

If you are thinking of installing a new pretreatment system or thinking of changing your existing system then we are happy to guide you in the right direction at no cost. We have 30 years experience of the industry and the products available.

Over the years BCMF have had a natural digression into other closely related areas one of which has been the supply and fitting of nozzles, standpipes and quick release fittings. This has resulted in the retrofitting of over fifty pretreatment plants replacing the steel with the plastic pipework system.

Another area which BCMF has been heavily involved with is the supply and installation of automatic dosing equipment this being evident on most of the installations supplied with pretreatment chemicals. This can be from a simple dosing pump to a fully computerised system.

For more information on Pretreatment Finishing Projects call either David on 07590 452588 or Brian on 01204 495818 or just email us.

BC Metal Finishing

Phosphate Pretreatment Chemicals

A range of Phosguard products including manganese, zinc, zirconium and lightweight iron phosphate process which improve the corrosion resistance and adhesion when followed by paint or powder coatings.

BC Metal Finishing

Nano Treatments

These nano treatments or can we say Oxsilan replace the conventional lightweight iron and zinc phosphates. They are used on steel, zinc and aluminium substrates at room temperature and produce little or no sludge giving excellent adhesion and corrosion resistance.

BC Metal Finishing

Chrome Free Coatings

Phosguard NC 304 is a chrome free dry in place pretreatment for aluminium which can be made up in town’s water does not require post rinsing.